Rural Helicopter Services

Heli-Central’s extensive background and high level of experience in the local rural services sector is unmatched and includes helicopter mustering, aerial spraying, aerial seeding and feral animal control

Helicopter Mustering

With Central Queensland’s vast distances between properties, cattle and feeding yards, the rugged and often inaccessible or tough to reach spots, aerial mustering is a logical solution. All of our mustering pilots have extensive mustering background, which promotes low-stress livestock handling.

Aerial Spraying

Heli Central has been involved in Aerial Spraying for several years and regularly provides effective and efficient application services to rural communities with an average of 6000 hectares per year. Contact our experienced and well-coordinated team for further information.

Aerial Seeding

Similar to our spraying services, Heli Central is well versed in the process and application of Aerial Seeding, which include Aerial fertilizing. Whatever it is you need in the field of Aerial Spraying or Seeding – contact our knowledgeable team today.

Feral Animal Control

The use of helicopters in the management of feral animal control has proven very effective. Our experienced pilots with extensive low-level flying experience quickly position and manoeuvre the helicopters into range. Our helicopters are fitted with foot rails to accommodate a comfortable shooting platform for 1 or 2 shooters.

Our highly skilled and experienced pilots ensure a stress-free, cost effective and efficient service. Contact us for more information or to make a booking.


Stress-free, cost effective and efficient

Heli-Central operate two helicopters to support the sugar cane industry from Proserpine to Camilla. During the summer season, these helicopters spray over 6,000 hectares of sugar cane and grazing country as well as applying fertiliser and seeding.

Most recently, Heli-Central has improved their aerial rural ag operation by upgrading equipment to ensure spraying and spreading is more efficient, economical and safe for farmers.

Heli-Central’s Isuzu truck is fitted out with a custom spray loading crate to ensure the efficiency and safety of chemical loading and handling.

The use of Accu-Flow nozzles significantly reduce the risk of drift spray by producing a more uniform droplet with less than 2% of the spray droplet forming fine spray. This means a more accurate, wider spray which is less affected by wind drift.

The HeliSpread fertilizer spreader (Red 1 Fabrication) has improved the accuracy and efficiency of aerial fertilizer spreading. The state of art aerial spreader produces an even 40m spread, this is double the area of conventional older aerial spreaders, meaning we have the ability to apply product at rates as low as 3Kg per hectare or up to 700Kg per hectare in one pass, in conjunction with GPS precise guidance in the helicopter our pilots and clients can be sure of the end result of coverage.