Emergency Response Helicopter Services

Heli-Central is actively involved in providing support to local and state communities when it’s needed the most.

Fire Operations

Heli-Central is CASA approved and authorised to carry out dropping of incendiaries – bushfire control / prescribed burning.

We work closely with the Queensland State Parks and Government organisations to protect and preserve the local vegetation and wildlife.


When natural disasters strike, time is of the essence. With Heli-Central’s experience and local area knowledge, they strive to keep you and your property safe. It may be a simple matter of mustering stock from a dangerous environment or flying you and your family to safety – whatever the occasion calls for, we have a solution for you.

Aerial Search

With Heli Central’s extensive experience and local area knowledge, we are well equipped to perform aerial reconnaissance and direct emergency response and relief personnel to the right location in a timely manner.

Heli-Central are here to help

Support services

  • Fire fighting
  • Flood relief
  • Stock feeding
  • Searches
  • Charter
  • Supply transfer
  • Medical resupply
  • Residential relocation
  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Water bombing
  • Aerial incendiary work
  • Air attack
  • Damage evaluation

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