About us

Heli-Cental started in 2010 as a mustering operation servicing Central and Western Queensland. Originally beginning with one R22, it soon grew to six, then four R44’s and the beginning of the turbine journey with a Jet Ranger. Stepping into the agriculture world of aerial spraying, Heli-Central soon found a new direction.

Aerial fire fighting and aerial application work was the path Heli-Central wanted for its fleet management and welcomed the ZHM AS350 – Jet Ranger, Long Ranger and AS350 B3 aircraft.

Ten years later in 2020, they proudly welcomed UHH UH1H to the company, ‘Big Red’ as she is affectionately known. ‘Big Red’ is a specialised restricted category aircraft for aerial fire fighting and aerial agriculture applications, coupled with a Bell 205A1 civilian version of the same machine, capable of up to 9 passengers Heli-Central now covers a broad range of operations with their fleet.

“Whilst we have not forgotten where we came from, our logo still proudly displays the R22 that started it all, we are continuously setting new goals and keeping our finger on the aviation pulse. This year we have bought fixed-wing operations into the world of helicopters, running both from home base CQ Emerald to NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS. We often joke that this industry is a strange addiction but we love what we do.”


Russell Nobbs – Chief Pilot / Owner leads a team of 10 full time staff members which include six highly experienced pilots, all with a diverse skill set and background to complement Heli-Central’s core operations.


Safety is our main priority. Heli-Central undertakes regular performance reviews together with our clients to identify areas of possible improvement.

Heli-Central runs a work management system that tracks all activities together with financial accounting software to efficiently manage resources and assets. This reduces overheads and general cost, which consequently reflects in their very competitive pricing.

All pilots and personnel involved in any helicopter operations are inducted into our integrated Safety Management System (SMS)